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Upcoming Schedule of Events

Date                 Times                          Location
7/26/16     12-3:00pm & 7-10:00pm     Burlington, MA
7/27/16     4-7:00pm & 8-11:00pm       East Rutherford, NJ
7/28/16     11:00am - 1:00pm             East Rutherford, NJ

7/28/16     8:00pm - 11:00pm             Greenbelt, MD
7/29/16     11:00am - 1:00pm             Greenbelt, MD
8/11/16      3:00pm - 6:00pm              Phoenix, AZ
8/24/16     3-6:00pm & 7-10:00pm       Belmont, CA

8/25/16     3-6:00pm & 7-10:00pm       Emeryville, CA
8/26/16     11:00am - 1:00pm             Emeryville, CA

Hey Everyone!  Thanks for dropping by our dirty little secret web page! We are a Las Vegas based swinger group that hosts hotel parties in California, Phoenix and Chicago open to couples and singles.  Due to life demands we only host a few parties a month on weekdays ONLY.  We have been hosting group events for a few years now and attract girls and couples that love to party in a fun safe and comfortable environment. We want to provide a fun laid back, vibe where people can let go and have fun without worries or fears. A place where guys won't feel unwanted and more really is better! Safety and hygiene are a must but after that everything goes! We hope to meet you at one of our parties soon!

Lolita & the girls!